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How do i earn Interest?

You can choose to send us $500 or $1000 Depending on your choice you will earn SK Points per month to spend at SK Performance.

How much interest will i earn?

If you send $500, you will earn 1880 SK Points in a year ($188 In a year, $15.66 a month).

If you send $1000 you will earn 3880 SK Points in a year ($388 In a year, $32.33 a month).

What happens after a year?

We will grant you a SK Points worth the money you sent us + your intrest made that you can now spend at SK Performance.

If you want to continue making intrest you need to send us another $500 or $1000 so the process can restart again.

Can I spend some of my total before the yearly period ends?

Yes, you can spend some of your total + interest anytime you want just shoot us a message and we can let you know how much you have.

You will continue to gain the rest of your interest until the yearly period ends.

How do I send Money?

You will need to send the money to our Account or PayID with a note saying "INTEREST".

Then send us a message saying you have done so and we will start granting your SK Points Every Month.

Account Name: SK Performance

BSB: 193-879

Account Number: 496436296


Mobile Pay ID: 0451 800 520

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